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j-Interop 2.08 Released.

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j-Interop 2.07 Released.

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"The j-Interop library has enabled us to perform flawless Windows/Linux interoperability. We couldn't be more pleased with our experience in using the j-Interop library; from performance to technological features available above and beyond a basic Java/COM bridge. Technologically, j-Interop is the recommended solution.

The support we've received from Vikram, whether during initial integration or with any issues we've encountered further along has been exemplary. His attitude has always been to go the extra mile to make sure that the library performs well, no matter what."

EMC Corporation

"Hyper9 uses j-Interop to remotely access Windows machines and our experience has been very good. The technology performed well and the j-Interop team was quite responsive. In addition, we requested additional functionality from the j-Interop product and we were very impressed at the comprehensive solution the j-Interop team put in place and the fast time to market with that new solution. j-Interop is a great product backed by a solid engineering team."

Hyper9 Inc.

"J-Interop is a very powerful and easy to use java library for accessing DCOM objects. Using the j-interop library allows our customers to access the windows event logs from a Linux environment without having to install an agent on the windows host. When we had a need to enhance the library to support NTLMv2 j-interop’s professional services provided a very quick turn around for this functionality."

Q1Labs Inc.

"The j-Interop library is unique and very functional. This amazing library has allowed us to continue to add native Windows integration to our product, while keeping a our tool fully functional on all Operating Systems. We plan to continue using j-Interop in our future product line, and working closely with the j-Interop team to get the best of the library. Working with the j-Interop team has been easy and pleasurable, as the work they have done has been excellent in quality and ease in communication."

Niels Gron
CTO - AquaFold

Mandos, as a provider of business software solutions, has to integrate multiple technologies in order to fulfill the goals of our customers. We have found with j-interop - and with the superb support of Vikram - the best tool to integrate Windows with the Java world.

Jumpnode is a provider of simple, intuitive, and cost effective network monitoring systems for small and medium sized businesses. Leveraging j-Interop allowed us to rapidly develop a framework for remotely monitoring Windows servers without the hassle of agent software. Removing the dependence on agent software has been a win for us as well as for our customers. In addition to the technical benefits j-Interop has provided, the j-Interop team has been helpful and easy to work with whenever we've encountered issues.

Jumpnode, IT Systems Management

"j-Interop is a great product. When we moved to 64bit architecture, our old native solutions did not work anymore. The library and its pure Java DCOM implementation performed very well with DCOM components on the server side of our JEE application. More over, The j-Interop support team was always quick in resolving our issues. In Brazil, itīs recommended using free software solution in governmental projects (, and j-Interop fits very well in this model."

BNDES,the Development Bank

"VirtualFabrix automates virtual and physical server management, to reduce total cost of ownership. The rich COM function library found in J-Interop Open Source Java COM bridge, helps enable our value proposition to customers with COM environments," said Igor Vdovichenko, Senior Developer, VirtualFabrix Inc., "J-Interop also helps to maintain our seamless deployment process across multiple OS platforms without the need to deploy platform specific binaries."

"J-Interop library is a powerful resource for accessing dcom in a purely java environment with a responsive developer at the helm. Support for non-automation interfaces, complex structures and callback capabilities makes j-Interop a viable and strong open source alternative to commercial options. "

Mohsin Hussain, VP of Engineering, NextAxiom Technology Inc.
NextAxiom Technology provides a breakthrough service-oriented platform that can be used for cost-effective integration of existing enterprise applications as well as construction of new composite applications through SOA.

Our experience with J-Interop has been great. It has worked well for us and any issues we discovered in testing were quickly resolved by the J-Interop team. We found J-Interop to be the best open source COM interoperability tool in our research and testing.

Data Advantage Group

Climalux is specialized in the techniques for the buildings mainly the HVAC. Our principal problem comes from the integration of the material of various marks in a common SCADA. Very often manufacturing proposes its own software of visualization. So we looked for a solution as simple as possible to access to the available data. J-Interop offers this solution. Indeed, J-Interop makes possible to use all DCOM functionalities in a multiplatform Java environment.
The support and the effective assistance brought by the J-Interop team allow us to quickly solve problems.

inavare is an independent company for software solutions and the realization of IT-projects. The company consists of Software Development, Consulting and a Project Departments. The Project division of the company is specialized in process control systems (SCADA) of oil, gas and water pipeline systems, tank farm management, terminal automation and supply chain of petrochemical products. The Software Development division is focused on the realization of both product based and project oriented software development using modern technologies like model driven development (MDD), enterprise and service oriented architectures (SOA). OpenSCADA is an open source SCADA projected sponsored by inavare. The vision is to provide a state of the art SCADA system with open interfaces and open reference implementations. Customer, vendor or project specific software development may be closed source. inavare is using OpenSCADA as SCADA part on the much larger MES platform "SASS". In order to interact with other SCADA systems or process control systems OpenSCADA needs an OPC interface. OPC is a DCOM based specification for data exchange between SCADA and DCS applications. Since one of the goals of OpenSCADA is portability and platform neutrality j-Interop fits right here. It provides the OpenSCADA OPC interface a platform independent and very powerful and robust DCOM implementation. Thanks to the good support of the lead developer of j-Interop and the feedback and testing of the OpenSCADA users the OPC interface has become quite a good alternative for Windows dependant OPC.

j-Interop makes DCOM much less painful!

"J-Interop is an excellent package providing the missing link between Java and legacy COM-based applications. I have used it successfully to directly link Java code with COM-based trading brokerage systems and also desktop Microsoft applications. Plenty of useful examples are provided on how to link Java via J-Interop with COM. It only takes a few minutes to learn the API and in case that's not enough then Vikram provides personal support that puts most professional software services to shame for responsiveness and perserverance to solve your issue. I highly recommend this package to anyone currently trying to leverage legacy COM interfaces through Java. Quite unbelievably its also free - fantastic!" - Simon Chapple.

Simon is a freelance software developer and consultant with over 20 years experience developing high performance computing applications for government, industry, finance and health sectors.  View Simon Chapple's profile on LinkedIn

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