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j-Interop 2.08 Released.

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j-Interop 2.07 Released.

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j-Interop 2.08 Released.

Dear All,

This release focuses on:

  • Major bug fixes regarding memory and session management.
  • JIVariant(Object) and JIVariant(Object, boolean) ctors have been REMOVED. We apologize, there wasn't a chance to deprecate them. These ctors were wreaking havoc on some other changes we have been focusing on.
  • Introduction of JISession.createSession() method. This does not require any user credentials and uses the credentials of the "logged-in" user. Needless to say, it is native and works only on Windows with limited support (NTLMv1 only). Please refer to in the "test" package on it's usage. The java library path using -D"java.library.path" must be set to point to "NTLMAuth.dll" available with jTDS project ( We have reused their code here.

That's it ! Until next time,
best regards,