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j-Interop 2.08 Released.

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j-Interop 2.07 Released.

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This library is distributed under the LGPL v3.0 license. Please refer to lgpl.txt accompanying the distribution for more details.

An important requirement in j-Interop licensing is that , you must mention at any publically displayed media like website, readme(s) or acknowledgements, the usage of j-Interop as a library to interoperate with COM servers.

Third Party Licenses

  • Jcifs is licensed under LGPL .
  • jarapac has forked out to jcifs implementation and follows the same licensing scheme.
  • iwombat has donated UUID generation related code to the library. My heartfelt thanks to Bob Combs and
  • GNU Crypto Project under Guile License.


This product includes software developed by the and all other members of the Third Party Licenses.